Who Needs Flame Resistant Clothing?

Flame resistant apparel protects you from explosion fallout, high heat and flame. It can save you from severe burns should you come in contact with any of these situations. The following industries benefit greatly from the protective clothing and are used regularly.


Miners spend their days working underground mining for various minerals and other substances. They are in constant danger of falling debris, entrapment and suffocation. In addition, while underground, there can be in contact with methane and other lethal gas which can cause explosions in delicate situations. Miners wear flame resistant pants and shirts to shield them from an accidental explosion. The apparel lessens the bodily damage that can occur.


Welders are constantly working with heat and exposed to high temperatures and sparks. The tools used to fuse the materials together are highly combustible and accidents can happen quickly. Welders wear heat resistant masks, gloves and coveralls to protect them from the hot elements. Full coverage is often needed as falling sparks and hot material can rise and fall around the welder.

Oil Rig Workers

Workers that labor on oil rigs or in oil fields need protective wear due to potential explosions and fires. Working around a highly combustible substance such as oil poses a high risk of danger and injury. Many oil workers are required to wear full protection, including protective hard hats, goggles and boots. These all work together to provide top protection in all situations.

Fire Fighters

Fire fighters are around potential fire sources and hazards all day. Tending to car accidents and burning buildings also expose them to explosions and falling burning embers. Fire fighters wear protective linings and layers along with their uniforms, including heavy flame resistant jackets, pants, boots and headgear. They are exposed to the hottest elements and need the protection from the constant and dangerously high heat.

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