Determine the Right Fit for Your Gymnastic Leotard

Determine the Right Fit for Your Gymnastic Leotard

There is no one true fit for gymnastics leotards. No matter who you ask, you are certain to get a variety of answers. However, there are a few important aspects when it comes to getting a good fit. You do not want a leotard to be too tight since that will make it uncomfortable to move and execute important gymnastic moves. If a leotard is too big it looks bad and can even catch on equipment that could cause a gymnast to become injured. This is why it is imperative that you find the perfect fit for leotards whether it’s for competitions or training sessions. Besides, each leotard type is different so you’ll need to get the right type of fit for each style.

Which Sleeve Type Is Best for You?

There are three types of sleeve fits for leotards, long, three-quarter length, and sleeveless. Each has its place when it comes to fashion and function. The sleeveless option allows sweat to escape, but won’t keep you warm in colder weather, and normally is not preferred for a competition. The three-quarter length sleeve is perfect for cold weather, provides the same benefits for both short and long sleeve leos, and can be worn for competitions. The long sleeved leotard will keep a gymnast warm during cold weather, but can be uncomfortable for some.

Which Leotard Size Is Right for You?

The daunting task of choosing the right-sized leotard doesn’t have to be a difficult as it seems. You can choose the right sized leo by marking the following measurements: the chest, hip, girth, waist, and inseam sizes of the gymnast. It is important to pay attention to the girth size, or torso measurements, more so than any other when choosing a leotard. A professional gymnastics apparel company can provide all the types of leotards mentioned here, and can offer custom-made leotards at an affordable price.

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