Evaluating A CNC Turning Service

For any type of part or component manufacturing, it is possible to find a number of companies that offer the specific service required. When working with metal alloys, plastics or composites, the use of machining techniques to create the final shape is very common, which means there are a lot of machining shops in any area of the country.

Finding the right shop to do the work required will be important for quality, reliability, and expertise. This can be even more essential if the need for a CNC turning service is for the production of parts or components in the medical, orthopedic or aerospace industries.

Evaluating or assessing any CNC turning service is important, particularly if you are unhappy with your current provider or if you are new to the process. Simply picking a name from a Google search is the least effective option unless you follow up and find out about the company.


Most machining shops will offer CNC turning. Turning is one of the most common machining operations for shaping material. It can be used on round stock, but some service companies can work with a variety of forms.

Ask about expertise and experience specifically in providing the CNC turning service for projects similar to yours. It is never a good decision to use a company that has never worked in your industry or has limited experience in the industry. Experience and expertise will help to reduce the cost of production while also ensuring parts are machined to the tolerances required.

Capacity and Equipment

For a single part or component capacity of the shop or service is not typically of major concern. However, if the company wants to move from prototype development into large scale production, capacity and equipment will be an essential consideration.

As a general rule, companies with the latest in equipment and technology also tend to offer the highest capacity production. Verifying the production potential is always a good idea before selecting a service.

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