Motorbike Injuries – a Vicious Cycle? Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Riding a motorbike gives you a much greater sense of freedom than driving in a car. However, it is also far more likely to end in a traumatic injury. Without the benefits of seatbelts or airbags, motorcyclists who are hit by a car are three times more likely to sustain a serious injury, and 14 times more likely to die, than those involved in an accident between two cars.

The most common injuries are:

* Road rash. If left untreated this can worsen and lead to infection.
* Traumatic head injury – these account for almost a quarter of all motorcycle injuries.
* Burns – contact with a red-hot exhaust pipe can cause a nasty burn, and there is always the possibility of your fuel igniting and burning you.
* Broken bones – these are the most common motorcycle injuries. Sometimes, a break is so serious that it results in a limb having to be amputated.
* Spinal Cord injuries – these often result in paralysis, leading to a lifetime of care, and expensive medical bills.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?
Approximately 1.2 million motorcyclists are injured, and 3 000 killed, every year in America – most of the time due to no fault of their own. In fact, negligence on the part of another (usually a car or truck) driver causes most motorcycle accidents. These happen most often when the other driver:

* Swerves in front of a cyclist
* Speeds
* Fails to yield
* Doesn’t see the motorcyclist changing lanes
* Misjudges the motorcyclist’s speed or distance
* Panics and stops in the motorcyclist’s way

What to Do After Your Motorcycle Accident
The action you take immediately following your motorcycle accident – providing of course you are able to do so – is crucial for the later success of any lawsuit you may wish to bring against the other driver. You should:

1. Call 911
2. File a report with the police
3. Take photos
4. Take down the other driver’s information
5. Call your insurance company

What Can Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Do For Me?
If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you should engage the services of a firm of motorcycle accident attorneys.

Sadly, there is a common misperception that motorcycle riders are reckless, and this leads to lawsuits involving motorcycles being treated differently to those involving cars. Specialist motorcycle accident attorneys will know how to deal with this stereotype effectively. Browse Website for more details or To learn more about the services offered, check out this Youtube video.

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