Making Plans for Cremation Memorial Services

While taking care of the pre-planning for the funeral, the decision is made to go with cremation rather than burial. That leads to the question of what to do about the memorial service. One approach is to hold the service after the cremation. When that is the case, it pays to work with a professional to discuss some of the ways that Cremation Memorial Services are managed. Here are some points to consider when discussing the plans.

The Setting for the Memorial Service

Cremation Memorial Services can be held in just about any setting desired. The funeral director can certainly arrange for the service to take place in the chapel at the funeral home. There is also the option of holding the service in a local house of worship. For those who prefer something simple and intimate, it is easy enough to make plans for a service at home, even in the back yard. By choosing a setting ahead of time, the rest of the planning will be easier.

Creating a Place of Honor for the Urn

In many memorial services, it has become customary to drape a table and place a framed photograph of the deceased next to the urn containing the ashes. Any other elements that the family would like to include can also be placed on the table. For example, perhaps the deceased loved to knit or crochet. Adding a favorite set of knitting needles to the display helps to bring to mind something that most of the mourners know so well and may even remember fondly.

The Order for the Service

The other elements of the service can be as detailed or as simple as desired. Readings, a formal eulogy, and even time for loved ones to share memories can be part of the arrangements. In terms of music, it is easy enough to include favorite hymns or other selections that had special meaning for the departed.

For help in making funeral arrangements in advance, visit Evergreen Washelli today and make an appointment to talk with a funeral director. Everything from the cremation to the structure of the memorial service can be planned in advance, making it easy to be assured that loved ones are not left with difficult decisions to make.

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