Grand Jury Help from Federal Defense Lawyers in Manhattan KS

Grand Jury Help from Federal Defense Lawyers in Manhattan KS

When hiring a federal criminal defense attorney, you should follow the same principles as if you were hiring any other kind of criminal lawyer. If you are facing federal charges or a grand jury trial, you should retain a Federal Defense Lawyers in Manhattan KS who has substantial experience with federal court cases.

The Federal Court System

The Federal court system is much like state court systems, but differences exist. One major difference is that the office responsible for federal prosecutions, the US Attorney’s Office, has greater resources to devote to each case than state attorneys have.

Federal prosecutors often have higher degrees than state prosecutors do, and often have significant leeway in choosing which cases to prosecute. Except for crimes occurring on federal land, most cases handled by federal prosecutors are factually and legally complex.

As a result of these differences, federal defense cases are often more difficult and expensive than state cases. In every federal jurisdiction, there’s a Federal Defender’s Office to give adequate legal representation to poor defendants.

Federal Cases

If you are asked to provide information in a federal criminal case, your first step should be to determine whether you’re a suspect or a witness-;and your second step should be to decide what you can tell the agents without incriminating yourself or making a false statement.

A federal criminal attorney can help you determine the nature of and the reason for the investigation and the reason why you’re being contacted. An ethical lawyer will tell you to be honest with federal agents, but he or she can help you avoid some risk.

Grand Jury Cases

When someone is subpoenaed to come before a grand jury, it’s not always clear whether they’re being called as a target or a witness. As in an investigation, Federal Defense Lawyers in Manhattan KS can help grand jury witnesses avoid risks when testifying, and Addair Thurston Chtd. may be able to help you secure a plea deal.

Federal Criminal Cases

During a criminal case, defendants should be represented by lawyers familiar with federal criminal procedure, evidentiary rules and federal sentencing guidelines. It’s a great help to hire a lawyer who’s familiar with the US Attorney’s Office, and who knows the federal agency launching the investigation.

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