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by | May 5, 2016 | Wallpaper Store

Wallcoverings are often thought of as mundane, an efficient way to give life to otherwise plain walls. Thoughts of wallpaper in run down apartments spring to mind, a cheap substitute for a landlord without time to paint. But some companies are now bucking the trend, creating full murals on wallcoverings, much like the murals found painted on buildings. Mural wallcoverings give new life to otherwise plain walls, bringing art to homes in a new way.


Murals date back to ancient times, with the arguably earliest examples being cave drawings. People have continued to use them to bring beauty to otherwise barren spaces. Today, murals have influenced many people the world over, often dealing with political, religious or socioeconomic issues. Large-scale art in a public space has a great outreach, working on the same principal as a billboard advertisement. With a mural however, the artwork is generally more visually appealing than an advertisement, and thus it draws more visitors, and even has the potential to draw visitors who travel explicitly to see the mural.

Mural Wallcovering Benefits

Mural wallcoverings tote many of the same benefits as traditional wallcoverings, but with a more artistic flair. Someone looking to purchase artwork for their home may look to mural wallcoverings, in place of traditional outlets such as pictures or sculptures, in order to bring a unique style to their home. Prints of some famous murals are available as wallcoverings, and can be used to pay homage to their original creator. Other mural wallcoverings take the form of natural scenes, from lakes, to rivers, to jungles, to deserts; they can be used for decorating children’s bedrooms, or just for adults who love nature. Using one of these wallcoverings in place of paint can be especially useful if the child’s interests change as they age, and they certainly will. Visit us at for wallcoverings.

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