Selecting the Right Wallpaper

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Wallpaper Store

Whether you’re planning a simple change to your home décor or completely changing the look of your home, wallpaper is a great way to customize your walls. Though painting may seem like an easier option, applying wallpaper give you consistency in your pattern and durability in a home with children and pets. Many factors contribute to selecting the right wallpaper for the job.

Color and Pattern

Your desired color scheme and interior décor theme plays a large role in the selection of wallpaper. Contemporary and traditional colors involve neutrals and soft versions of primary colors to create a relaxing ambiance. Modern wallpaper can include geometric shapes and bursts of bold colors, adding to the functional design of your furniture. If you want to give a vintage look, seek out a wallpaper design with regal designs instead of painting your wall a single color. With a roll or two of wallpaper, you can add depth and warmth to your décor.

Removal Type

Even if you plan to keep your wallpaper up for an extended amount of time, you should plan ahead and understand the removal procedure for the type you select. Dry-strippable wallpaper comes off relatively easy, only needing you to lift the corner to slowly pull the rest of the sheet off by hand. Peeling wallpaper usually has self-adhesive, making them easy to take down. Self-adhesive wallpaper is the best choice if you live in an apartment, since it requires less work and attention to detail to take down at the end of your lease.


There are three different types of wallpaper when it comes to wall application – pre-pasted, non-pasted, and self-adhesive. Pre-pasted wallpaper has the adhesive on the paper, but it must be wet to activate the glue. Non-pasted wallpaper requires you to apply the adhesive yourself before putting the paper on the wall. Self-adhesive wallpaper requires no additional glue, since you only have to peel off the protective backing and stick it directly to the wall. This style of wallpaper simplifies the application process and makes it easy to adjust for air bubbles and bumps.

Choosing the Right Style

Many home décor stores have a wide selection of wallpapers to browse, offering designs by many different companies. Seabrook Wallcovering and Thibaut Wallpaper are two of the most popular and longest-running wallpaper companies in North America, offering colorful and vibrant designs. Once you find the pattern you love, get as many rolls as you need to cover your designated area for a wall covering that accentuates the room’s décor theme. Visit to know more.

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