Advantages Of Buying A Quinton Treadmill

Advantages Of Buying A Quinton Treadmill

For any medical facility or testing service, buying quality equipment for both monitoring, testing and evaluation of cardiac patients is a must. Quinton treadmill models have been considered the gold standard of testing equipment for several decades and with very good reason.

Unlike a standard treadmill, these are designed to work with the Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system. This is the most commonly used systems in medical and testing facilities throughout the United States. The treadmill offers all the functions that are required to work with the testing protocols including the option for rapid deceleration and full control with digital precision over the drive system for the treadmill.

In addition to the benefits, which will be discussed below, these treadmills are designed to be used in medical settings. They are incredibly quiet to operate, adding very little to the background noise in the testing environment.

The Advantages of Quinton Equipment

With the Quinton treadmill, there are several important advantages to consider besides the use of the specific cardiac stress testing system. Considering these benefits will make it easy to see why these treadmills are so popular and have such as positive reputation.

  • Simple for the User – the design of the treadmill is very minimal, at least as experienced by the user. There is a longer and wider tread area for patient comfort, and the handle is designed to accommodate adult patients of all different heights. Users simply step up onto the mat and the technician controls the settings.
  • Safety – all of the treadmills sold by Quinton are designed to meet or exceed all safety standards. As they are sold as medical treadmills, they have to meet additional safety requirements that are more rigorous than treadmills sold for home or commercial use in gyms and other types of facilities.
  • Technician control – through the integrated Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system the technician is able to easily and accurately control the speed of the drive as well as the incline or grade with the test parameters. They are also designed for patients up to 500 pounds, providing smooth speed and grade transitions and allowing for very slow speeds without the belt slipping.

Additionally, and something that is important to keep in mind, is that the Quinton treadmill models offer a 13-month parts and labor warranty and also offer annual maintenance programs to keep the equipment in top shape. With few moving parts and with quality craftsmanship, these are very reliable pieces of testing equipment that have very limited downtime over their life.

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