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by | May 2, 2016 | Animal Hospitals

People love their dogs and want them to live long, healthy lives. A veterinarian can help with this by providing medical services throughout a dog’s life. Here are some of the ways that a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS can help pets.

Age-Related Care

What health concerns a dog may have will vary depending on the dog’s age. Puppies, for example, can be susceptible to a wide variety of diseases, so it is important to get them thoroughly vaccinated. That way, they’ll stay strong and grow up to be healthy adults. Many dogs that are getting old may begin to experience arthritis. They could have a hard time getting up after they lay down to rest, and they are likely to start moving more slowly than when they were younger. In spite of this, they may be otherwise healthy and live for years afterward. Exercise and a nutritious diet will help with the symptoms of arthritis, and when needed medication can be prescribed by a vet.

Common Health Issues

Sometimes dogs will catch contagious illnesses, develop a chronic illness, or have another health problem that can be treated. Worms are fairly common, and can be eliminated by medication. Kennel cough is another illness that is often seen among dogs, and it is likely to be treated with medication as well. Dogs can also get an upset stomach for many reasons, sometimes due to eating something they shouldn’t have. Some dogs even get diabetes. A vet will know how to treat each condition to help dogs feel better.

Emergency Care and Serious Conditions

One especially good reason to have chosen a vet is in case a dog has a health emergency. If injuries, dehydration, or sudden alarming symptoms occur, they will all cause dogs to need to visit the vet. Unfortunately, dogs can get cancer, and if this happens, they will probably need treatment. Yet not all tumors are serious. Some dogs, especially females, may have benign tumors that will not cause harm unless the tumors put pressure on a joint or other area. A vet will be able to determine whether treatment is needed.

All dog owners need to have a Dog Clinic in Olathe KS that they can count on. Visit the website to learn more about keeping dogs healthy.

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