Common Maintenance Procedures For A Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Common Maintenance Procedures For A Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Hydraulic power gives heavy machinery, like bulldozers and excavators, the power to pull, push, and lift. Hydraulic pump forces hydraulic fluid (usually oil) into the hydraulic cylinder to create high pressure. That pressure moves the piston connected to the piston rod within the cylinder barrel. The amount of power generated depends on the diameter of the cylinder.

The following are the main parts of a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora:

• the cylinder barrel, which holds the hydraulic pressure

• the cylinder cap, which closes the cylinder at one end

• the cylinder head, which closes the cylinder chamber from the other end and holds the piston rod

• the piston, which is fitted with seals that separate the pressure zones within the cylinder and prevent fluid from leaking from one side to the other

• the piston rod, a steel rod which connects to the part of the machine that is doing the work

• the seal gland, which prevents fluid from leaking past the area between the rod and the head

To keep a hydraulic machine in good condition, it’s important to have it regularly maintained. Maintenance will typically include an examination of the piston seal and barrel. The seal should be intact with no sign of erosion, and the barrel should not appear to bulge from excess pressure. If the cylinder isn’t providing as much force as it should, the problem is likely to be a worn piston seal. The piston itself should also be examined and measured against the cylinder bore as part of a regular maintenance inspection. Visit here for more information.

The rod seal also needs to be examined for wear and corrosion, and the rod itself checked for straightness. If a rod is bent, it may be on its way to breaking. In addition, the cylinder head diameter should be measured to make sure it is the appropriate size for the rod it is supporting. The cylinder barrel should be check for surface damage like pitting or scoring. Either the damage should be smoothed, or the part should be replaced to extend the life of the piston seal.

If you need more information regarding the repair of a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora, check out Miller Hydraulic Service Inc. They provide hydraulic cylinder, parts and repair services in Chicago, Gary Indiana, and Joliet Illinois.

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