Learn About the Problem Before Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ

Both wasps and bees are important to the environment, and their ability to pollinate plants is well-known. Additionally, they prey on pests that infest gardens, crops, and landscaping. They’re both members of the order Hymenoptera, but there are some important differences as listed below.


Wasps and bees are significantly different in appearance. Generally, bees are full-bodied, hairy and fuzzy, which helps them collect and spread pollen. By comparison, wasps are slimmer, with slender legs, and their bodies are shiny and hairless.


Bees are not carnivorous; they don’t eat spiders or other insects. Rather, they eat nectar and pollen from nearby flowers. Most of the time, wasps prey on other insects and feed them to their young, but in late summer and early fall when the nest declines, they shift their focus to collecting sweet nectar. A close relative of the wasp, the aggressive yellow jacket, becomes a scavenger around sweet drinks and foods. When these insects become a dangerous nuisance, call for Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ as soon as possible.


Bees build nests from wax, while wasps build nests from paper-like materials composed of chewed wood and saliva. Honeybees are perennial, and as long as the colony is in good shape, the nest can endure for years. By comparison, bumblebees and wasps only use a nest for a year, due to their annual life cycle.

Wasp and Bee Sting Differences

Bees and wasps sting as a means of defense for themselves and the colony. A honeybee’s stinger is barbed, which means they can only sting once before they die. However, a bumblebee or wasp can pull out its stinger, which means it can sting multiple times.

The Most Common Wasps and Bees

Most of the bees people see are bumblebees and honeybees. Another bee that’s seen in open, grassy areas during the springtime is a ground-nesting bee, which is a solitary species. They don’t form colonies, but they are an important part of the cross-pollination process. Common wasps are hornets, yellow jackets, cicada killers and paper wasps. Visit website name to learn more about Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ.

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