Items to Look at With Storm Doors in Philadelphia, PA

by | Aug 27, 2016 | Doors and Windows

Storm doors are an extra layer of protection against adverse weather conditions. Because a home’s doors are different, there are some items to consider when looking at storm doors. Since they are designed to add another layer of protection, it is important they fit into their new home properly.

One of the items to consider with storm doors in Philadelphia PA is their size in the door setting. The doors should match the measurements of the existing frames. Make sure all measurements are consistent by matching up the units used. To help with accuracy, doors should either be measured by the installers or done a few times to obtain consistent numbers. Check all measurements against the specifications to ensure the proper size is selected.

The strength of the doors also needs to be considered before they are installed. Obtain specifications of what type of wind-speed they can withstand. Check this against the wind-speed of the strongest storms in the area. This information can be obtained from past weather reports about storms. Make sure this number matches or exceeds expectations on storm strength. Even though all storm doors are designed to be strong, some are not rated for higher wind speeds.

Once the basic specifications have been determined, the storm doors in Philadelphia PA should also be considered based on their design. Since these doors are added to current exterior doors, the style should fit in with the overall design of the home. Take a close look at how well they compliment existing design elements. Some doors are composed of very strong glass that can allow light in and can show off the front door. There are many different options to consider. Since this is a personal preference, consider all of the design options available to figure out the right one.

Storm doors need to be checked based on certain specifications and the style they add to the home. These factors are determined by the space provided for doors, the strength of local storms, and the overall design of the home. Visit for more information on storm doors and to browse the different styles available.

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