Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Lake City, FL to File a Claim Against a Trucking Company or Driver

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In most places, the statute of limitation is two years on wrongful death claims, although in some it is longer. The differences make it particularly important to call a trucking accident lawyer from Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com as soon as possible to preserve evidence and start work on the claim within the deadline. Read on to learn more about the legal process behind trucking accidents.

The Importance of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

The laws on trucking accidents are complex and, often, general attorneys do not know which evidence to preserve or which records to request. If a person hires a lawyer that does not know the trucking industry, the attorney may not know to request the driver’s bills of lading, phone records and log books. A lawyer who handles truck accident cases will know which information to use to the client’s advantage.

Using Accident Reconstructionists

In most trucking accidents where liability is in dispute (and some where it is not disputed), an attorney may hire an outside reconstructionist for an unbiased look at the case’s evidence. By hiring an accident reconstructionist, a client and their truck accident lawyer in Lake City, FL can usually prove the other party’s liability. These witnesses are used frequently in truck accident cases.

How Long Does Claim Resolution Take?

It varies, but most cases are solved in 12-18 months via trial or settlement. In many instances, because of the magnitude of the accident and the amount of information to be processed, going through evidence takes a long time. However, some cases can be solved early if the victim’s attorney knows which information to request, how to interpret it, and if they can convince the trucking company or their insurer to settle out of court.

Potentially Liable Parties

The most common liable parties are the driver and/or the trucking company. However, other avenues of liability may depend on the case’s facts. Sometimes, liability can be assigned to a broker for the load the trucker was hauling, and the victim’s attorney can pursue them for recovery.

Does a Driver’s Independent Contractor Status Affect the Victim’s Recovery After an Accident?

The driver’s employment status is but one factor for the attorney to analyze during the case. It does not, however, change the assignation of liability. In most cases, a victim and their truck accident lawyer in Lake City, FL can file a claim against the driver, the company or both.

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