Garden Sprinkler System Installation in Brick: A Better Option Than Pumping From Nature’s Waterways

Some homeowners who have some acreage on a river or lake may wonder if they can use that water for irrigating their lawn and gardens. The same is true for some property owners who have a creek or stream running through the acreage. Typically, this is not an environmentally friendly idea, although it may seem that way compared with using municipal or well water for irrigation. Also, in most areas, this action would either be illegal or would require a permit. Theoretically, a property owner might be able to obtain a permit, but realistically, the odds are slim. The best solution is to have Garden Sprinkler System Installation in Brick completed by a landscaping company.

Although these people own the waterfront property, that doesn’t mean they own the water. They can own a pond if it’s self-contained on their land, but even then, a permit may be required to pump water from it for irrigation. Doing so can be disruptive to wildlife and the environment in general. Pumping a significant amount of water from any natural body of water without permission can lead to a very large financial penalty if that person gets caught. There can be restitution costs if a governmental agency determines that water must be restored.

It might seem unlikely that anyone would find out someone is pumping water from a creek or stream. However, consider that a lawn of 5,000 sq. ft. in size requires 3,000 gallons of water a week to thrive. Property owners downstream could eventually notice some depletion of water, particularly during dry weather. They might become suspicious.

In contrast, Garden Sprinkler System Installation in Brick does not carry this risk. It also is designed to provide the correct amount of hydration for flower and vegetable gardens, as well as for trees, shrubs and the lawn. The system includes an override feature for rainy days so the homeowner can avoid over watering. Some systems installed by a company like Jersey Shore Lawn & Sprinkler include rain sensors that automatically shut off the sprinklers, which is especially convenient. Visit our website for information on residential irrigation systems.

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