Items to Consider with Proper Lawn Care in Shoreham, NY

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Home and Garden

Lawns are constantly under attack from different elements. All of these things are out to destroy the yard. Therefore, caring for the yard requires a regular commitment to keeping it green. It is also requires understanding the different things that are potentially harming the yard. While nature provides many benefits to the yard, it is also unpredictable and care has to be made accordingly.

Insects see green yards as a food source. Once they get into the grass, they can multiply like crazy. The best type of protection in Lawn Care in Shoreham NY is to launch a preemptive strike. This means adding down protection against the pests to discourage them from entering the yard in the first place. To determine what type of control is needed, consult AC Landscaping.

Too much water can be a problem for yards. This usually happens when it rains and the sprinkler system is on at full force. The grass can drown under all of that water. To prevent this from happening, the sprinkler system needs to be adjusted for rain. Improving the drainage in the yard can also help prevent the grass from drowning. If the grass does die from over-watering, it will have to be replaced.

While too much water is a problem, too much sun is also an issue for lawns. During really dry seasons, the proper amount of water must be added at the right time. If the water is added during the heat of the day, the water droplets can magnify this heat. This will cause the grass to burn. Another part of Lawn Care in Shoreham NY is making sure that the grass isn’t cut too short. This will leave the roots exposed to the sun and cause them to burn. These things will eventually kill the grass.

These are a few things that can destroy a lawn fairly quickly. Proper care requires finding that balance from week to week that will allow the grass to thrive. This includes thinking about proper pest control, ensuring proper drainage and taking measures to protect against the intense heat of the sun.

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