Proper Care of Rolex Watches in Sturbridge MA

Owning a Rolex wristwatch is a major investment. This upscale piece of jewelry allows an owner to have a reliable way of tracking time. Because this classic timepiece is crafted to be a sterling combination of elegance and functionality, a person should learn how to care for it properly. The following guidelines can be used in the routine care of Rolex Watches in Sturbridge MA.

It’s important for a Rolex owner to wear his watch on a regular basis. Regular use of a Rolex watch will assist in keeping the internal lubricants gelatinous. These lubricants can harden when the Rolex watch is not used on a routine basis. Hardened lubricants can cause friction between the internal parts of the Rolex watch. Eventually, this friction may cause the Rolex to become damaged. A person should wind his Rolex watch a few times a week when the watch is not worn regularly. This will keep the lubricants thickened to absorb the pressure of the watch’s internal movements.

A Rolex owner should not place his watch next to strong magnetic fields. The balance spring of a Rolex wristwatch can be negatively influenced by magnetic fields of different sources such as mobile phones, office gadgets, and anti-rheumatic bracelets. This magnetism can significantly affect the precision of a Rolex watch when the exposure is frequent. You can click here to get more information.

It’s preferable to clean a Rolex watch periodically. A person should first wash his hands to remove excess oil, dirt, and grime. Before cleaning, a Rolex owner should ensure that the watch crown is secured tightly into the case to prevent water from getting into the internal part of the watch. Warm water can be used to rinse the watch. A soft toothbrush can be used to spread an ammonia-free, mild soap over the surface of the watch. Close attention should be paid to the crevices in between the links. After, the watch should be rinsed under a gentle stream of warm water. A soft cloth can be used to pat the watch dry.

Rolex Watches in Sturbridge MA are elegant pieces of jewelry that accurately and discretely measure time. Because an average Rolex watch can cost $4,000, it’s essential for a Rolex owner to maintain his watch with the correct treatment. For more information on Rolex Watches, a person can talk to a professional at Cormier Jewelers.

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