Is SIP Business Trunking the Right “Call” for Your Firm?

Is SIP Business Trunking the Right “Call” for Your Firm?

It doesn’t matter in the least if your company is considered technological or innovative, it still has to consider whether or not SIP business trunking is a good fit for its needs. What is SIP business trunking? It is a form of VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” service. It allows you to combined data and voice services in a single internet connection, rather than using outdated analog and hard-wired services.

Clearly, it is one of the modern world’s innovations, but that does not mean it is an ideal answer for your firm’s communications needs. To help you determine whether or not SIP business trunking is a good call for your business, just answer the following questions:

Do we need or want to start cutting operating costs?

The simple truth is that SIP services can substantially reduce your operating expenses. First and foremost, they eliminate the need for the different lines running into the premises and the hardware necessary for using them. This means no central phone management system and no service contracts with providers. They also eliminate the costs of almost any long distance calls because those calls are made via an internet connection rather than standard phone lines.

Do we need a service that we can scale up or down as needed and without a lot of added fees?

How much does it cost to install and begin using another phone line? The time it takes to book the service and arrange for another line is substantial. The good thing about SIP business trunking is that it is often easily scaled and sold in channels that you buy in any number necessary. You can also scale downward without expensive fees associated with such demands.

Do we need something that can work with the pre-existing analog phone or PBX system?

It won’t matter if you are using a standard analog phone system to answer and route calls or you are relying on a more modern PBX system to manage your phone communications, the SIP should be able to integrate easily with whatever system you have in place.

Do we require something that takes basic operating skills?

Most SIP trunking systems and services are easily managed by someone without any background skills. You use software to configure the system or have your provider walk you through it, and you are done!

At SIP.US you can speak with a team of experts who will be glad to help you determine if a SIP system is right for you.

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