Feeding Your Baby Solids? Here are 6 Tips to Remember

Feeding Your Baby Solids? Here are 6 Tips to Remember

Feeding your baby solids for the first time can be a rocky road ahead. Read for some smart advice on how to start on solids.

Don’t start with cereal

Putting cereal in the bottle only adds extra calories to formula. Unless your pediatrician recommends this, don’t do it. Also, cereal in the milk makes the formula thicker, which can cause your baby to gag or inhale liquid in her lungs, Parents warns.

Choose fresh food

Fresh organic food is better for your baby. Unlike jarred baby food in stores, organic food has little to no pesticides. Pesticide content can impact your baby’s development so pick fresh food.

Look for a delivery service

It can be hard to prepare baby food, especially for busy parents. A convenient solution to this is to look for a delivery service for fresh baby food in Upper West Side. That’s one way to get the food your baby needs without the task overtaking your day.

Check out the options

Take a gander at the options on offer. Providing your baby with a variety of meals is good since this trains her palate to accept food of different kinds, which cuts down on the chances of her growing up as a picky eater.

Research your options

Find delivery services for fresh baby food in Upper West Side with an excellent reputation. Take the firm’s background into consideration. How long has it been in the business? What’s their story? Are they reliable and trustworthy? Is the food topnotch? How is the food made? How long will the delivery take? If it’s too long, you may want to consider other options.

Read reviews

Check out what other customers say about the company. Is the feedback about its food, staff and services positive? You’ll want to look out for those details as well.

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