Is a Ball Valve the Right Choice?

Is a Ball Valve the Right Choice?

Today, many industrial facilities have a wide range of piping systems, and it often calls for a number of different valves. In fact, Bonney Forge valve distributors offer many selections, so what’s the best choice? For example, do you use ball valves or gate valves for your business, or do you need both types? Here is some helpful information to aid your decision.

Ball Valves

Suppose your home’s guttering system had round holes on each end, to allow for rainwater to drain. Now suppose a child throws a tennis ball into a gutter and it makes its way to the hole. You might not realize what happened until the gutters begin to overflow during a heavy rain. This is the basic principle of ball valves.

A ball valve contains a ball with a hole that’s open in one position and closed in another. When the ball turns, the hole lines up with the flow and fluid flows through the valve. When the ball turns back, the hole shuts off the flow. It’s a very simple yet effective design, and Bonney Forge valve distributors carry many sizes for your needs.

Gate Valves

Gate valves use a gate mechanism which comes down and closes off the hole, stopping fluid or gas from circulating. The gate fits between two plates and easily slides in either direction when you turn the handle to activate the mechanism. Gate valves work best when you use them to turn on or turn off circulation. They don’t work well for regulating pressure.

Which is the Right Choice?

For shutoff applications, both valves work well. Gate valves make excellent shutoff valves because they’re either fully open or fully closed when used properly. Ball valves are cheaper and very durable. Reliable Bonney Forge valve distributors are there to help you with professional advice so that you can make the right choice for your business.

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