Independent Trainers and Gyms

Independent Trainers and Gyms

There are many advantages to being an independent trainer in NYC. You are your own boss, you get to design your own workouts, you decide when you want to work, and you collect all the profits. However, one downside is that occasionally you may need a gym to meet your clients at so they can finish their workout.

Tools For Independent Trainers

Independent trainers in NYC have to do it all. This includes scheduling clients, taking payments, creating fitness programs and managing customers. With the explosion in technology, there are now many tools that are essential for independent trainers in NYC to help them effectively manage their clients. Independent trainers should take the time to investigate mobile apps and software to help them manage their business.


In addition to managing client information, independent trainers in NYC should have a reliable gym for meeting clients. Look for a gym that does not require advance notice or appointments for you to meet with your clients. Some gyms allow independent trainers to bring their clients anytime during the hours they are open.

It is in your best interest to sign a contract with the gym which stipulates all fees, requirements, and restrictions. Almost all gyms require a legal relationship between them and the independent trainer. Make sure you read the contract thoroughly before signing.

When locating a gym, always review the gym’s requirements, restrictions, and fee schedule in advance. This will prevent any awkward issues with the gym management or owners.

Locating a place to train with your client may take some research. Many of the large franchise gyms do not allow independent trainers. When locating a gym, you most likely will have better luck with a privately owned gym. Many of them will have the infrastructure already in place for independent trainers.

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