Important Considerations for Your Landscape Design

If you have an existing landscape that you want to update or you intend to start from scratch; chances are that you are confused as to what should go where and what shouldn’t be included. It is crucial you have your pencil and paper to create that plan, which will lead you to having the landscape you want. But first things first – before taking the shovel to hit the dirt, here are a few considerations to make in your landscape design with help of a landscaping company in Charlotte, NC:

The Architectural Style
When putting up your landscape features, you want them to complement the architectural style of the building. It should rhyme with the orientation of the home. It may not be very obvious to you that the architectural designs will affect the look of the entire home. If you have prominent shapes showing up in your building’s or home’s architecture, you could play off that by having landscape features. For example, for a house that is orthogonal or right angled it may make sense to have landscapes with squares, rectangles, and diagonals so that they neutralize the angles.

How You Use the Space
There are many things you want to do in your yard, so ensure you have sufficient space for all the activities. The size of the family, children, pets, and people you will typically have in the home will help determine the proportions and size of your patio. You want to decide the width of your walkways, the size of your barbecue area, and the location of the fire pit. All these elements will help bring out sufficient space that won’t look overcrowded.

Maintenance Work
Once the landscape features are put up you want to maintain them in proper shape. A low maintenance yard is something you should be thinking of; less lawn mowing, water efficient irrigation, and native plants. When placing trees or plants, know how big they will be at maturity because they could start encroaching on your home. You may use hardscapes like stone, bricks, or composite, which do not need sealing or painting.

Many things will come into play when designing your landscape and you should discuss the design plan with a landscaping company in Charlotte, NC.

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