Visit Travel Trailers Des Moines IA for Your Next RV Purchase

Visit Travel Trailers Des Moines IA for Your Next RV Purchase

More than 8 million people travel the United States and Canada in some type of recreational vehicle or simply, RV. Recreational vehicles encompass various forms of motorized or mobile vehicles used for short-term dwelling. Common types include motorhomes -; either the kind with a truck-like cab or the bus-like variety, fifth-wheel or gooseneck pull-behind trailers, or bumper-pull trailers. Here are some popular choices for Travel Trailers Des Moines IA:

Fifth Wheel or Gooseneck Trailer

Gooseneck travel trailers are pulled using pickup trucks equipped with specialized trailer hitches that are mounted in the bed of the truck. Due to their multi-level design, tall ceilings, and touch-of-the-button slide outs, these kind of RV vehicles are spacious and comfortable. Contrary to what one might expect they are easy to maneuver and handle. Many floor plans locate the master bedroom at the front of the unit over the bed of the truck. Slide-outs provide extra seating, sleeping, or eating space. Travel trailers tend to be luxuriously appointed solid-surface countertops, cherry cabinets, and premium appliances.

Hybrid Trailers

A cross between a pop-up style camper and travel trailer that doesn’t require a specially-equipped pickup truck to tow. Its light weight allows it to be pulled behind minivans, SUV’s, and most 6-cylinder vehicles. Hybrid trailers even have pull-outs to provide extra space at the rear.

Pop-up Campers

Everyone knows the familiar pop-up or tent camper as they have been around for decades. Tent campers are dependable, durable, and adaptable. A pop-up camper is many people’s first recreational vehicle purchase from Travel Trailers Des Moines IA. They are easy to haul behind practically any type of vehicle and offer options like AC, hot water, and toilet.

Browse Site of your favorite RV dealer to inspect the various styles, lengths, and options to choose from. The primary advantage of a travel trailer is that it can be detached from the hauling vehicle. There are less mechanical-related issues that arise with travel trailers and they tend to hold their value longer than motorized recreational vehicles. RV travel is an ideal way to travel the country complete with all the comforts of home. Many campgrounds cater to travelers with RV’s of all types and sizes providing electrical and water hook-up. For those in-between rests, many major retailers allow recreational vehicles to park overnight in their parking lots.

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