Immunization Shots – Why They’re So Important

Immunizations are commonly seen as the most effective way to prevent certain diseases today. There are many diseases that have been mostly eradicated from the United States because we have been vaccinated against them. This is often one reason that people choose not to vaccinate -; “we have not seen polio in the United States in decades; why does my child need to be vaccinated against it?” While it is true that polio is one of the diseases that has become a rarity in the United States, the reason is because people are being vaccinated against it. While the topic of immunization shots can be a controversial one, studies have shown that vaccinations are beneficial to our society today as well future generations.

Immunization shots work by allowing one’s immune system to imitate a certain disease so that when it we come in contact with the actual disease or infection, the immune system recognizes it and is able to fight it off. Childhood immunizations are especially important because children’s immune systems develop slowly over time, giving them a higher likelihood of picking up outside germs and infections.

Immunization shots are available for both adults and children through doctors offices, clinics, state Health Departments and even urgent care facilities, such as the Midwest Express Clinic in Illinois. Some children, including those with Medicaid or private insurance that does not cover vaccines, are eligible for free vaccines through a federal program called Vaccines for Children.

Immunizations also help to protect other people in our communities, such as people with certain kinds of cancers or leukemia, who are unable to receive vaccines due to their compromised immune systems. Some people are allergic to certain components of the various vaccines and are unable to be protected through a vaccination. These people rely primarily on “herd immunity” or the immunity of those in the community around them who have been vaccinated to protect them from diseases.

Although there are some minor side effects (low grade fever and tenderness at the injection site) and rare serious reactions (such as seizures) that can occur from being immunized, the benefits to yourself and your community far outweigh the risks associated with them. Talk with your doctor at Midwest Express Clinic or health care provider today to see if you are up to date on your immunization shots.

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