How to Get an Immigration Waiver Nashville TN

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There are certain circumstances that can make it extremely hard for a non-US Citizen or Green Card holder to move to the country. In case there are certain aspects of your background that make it impossible for you to be granted entry in the country, it is possible to get an Immigration Waiver Nashville TN. Here are some of the things that you need to know about getting the waiver in the state.

What exactly is a waiver?

It is possible for an immigration officer to give a waiver to a person that is inadmissible to the country and allow them into the country. Normally, people that are planning to get into the country would try and consult with an immigration lawyer to find out if they qualify to enter the country even before they try to gain entry into the country. In this case, if there was something that made them inadmissible, the lawyer would recommend that they get a waiver and present it at the visa interview. This would make the process of getting a visa much simpler. However, very few people know about this process, and when they make an application, they get a rejection and a recommendation to look for an immigration waiver.

Types of waivers

There are different types of waivers available:

1. The 601 waiver: This is a waiver that is available for an intending immigrant. It can be granted when the person applying for a visa at a US embassy or consulate fails to get an approval. The grounds of inadmissibility that can be waived by the 601 include overstaying the visa stipulation, being involved in some crime that involves moral ineptitude, or people that try to use fraudulent means to gain access to the country.

2. Inadmissibility waiver for a visitor: For a person that wants to be in the country for a visit, they do not need to file a 601. Their inadmissibility can be waived through the form I-212.

3. Mexico waiver: For Mexicans, the process of getting a waiver is a little bit simpler. It is possible to get a waiver within as little as one week.

These are important things you should know about the process of getting an Immigration Waiver Nashville TN. Dawn A. Garcia Attorney At Law Nashville TN is one of the most competent lawyers for these types of cases. Go to for details.

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