Convenient, Affordable & Fast Online Doctor Medical Services

Convenient, Affordable & Fast Online Doctor Medical Services

Let’s face it, most of us lead incredibly busy lives that really don’t allow us to slow down or take time off work to sit all day at an emergency room or urgent care center. Now, there is convenient, affordable and fast online doctor medical services that allows patients to get online treatment advice and medication for many common non-emergency sick or other health ailment situation. This is generally much faster, only requires an Internet access, is highly effective and is almost hassle free, so you can get on with feeling better. Covered medical events available with this doctor service includes laryngitis treatment online and more.

This revolutionary online physician service offers three levels of care. Patients can opt to do a routine consultation which is answered in about 1 hour in most cases. Priority care level puts you on a priority answer list and doctors will respond in about 1/2 hour. At the next level, patients can select a video consultation with a board-certified medical doctor. These services are available at prices comparable to or slightly higher than an ER or urgent care visit. Some health issues cost a bit more to treat.

Patients everywhere are loving this terrific doctor online consult service for common ailments such as a non-urgent allergy skin rash, laryngitis treatment, cough due to probable virus and others. The simple and easy-to-navigate website prompts new patients to fill out the required medical forms and consultation reason details. New patients will need to fill out a current and accurate health history and current medication information page, and patients can get online prescriptions sent to their preferred pharmacy. One huge advantage is that this online service is available anytime you need it 24/7. Learn more about MDProactive online doctor service by visiting online.

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