Human Foods that are Toxic and Often Fatal to Your Pets

Human Foods that are Toxic and Often Fatal to Your Pets

When you love your pet, you are tempted to give them everything they want. However, there are certain types of human foods that may be toxic to your four-legged friend. Getting to know what these foods are can help save you a trip to the veterinary hospital.


Chocolate is made from seeds, which have specific properties that may be toxic to your cat or dog. For example, caffeine and theobromine will stimulate the heart and central nervous system. They can also relax the smooth muscles and increase urine production. This can lead to serious issues in your pets. If you ever discover that your pet has eaten chocolate, you need to get them to a veterinary hospital right away or the situation may be fatal.

Allium Containing Plants

This is a food that is a bit trickier. Some of the plants that are included in this area leeks, garlic, chives and onions. They can cause some pets to become ill, while they don’t affect others. Also, the symptoms of a problem may occur several days after the food has been consumed. Some of the symptoms to watch for include abdominal pain, no appetite, diarrhea and vomiting. This is another situation where you need to seek the care of a veterinary hospital if you suspect your pet ate one of these things.

Macadamia Nuts

These types of nuts can cause serious issues for dogs, even when just a small amount is consumed. The symptoms associated with macadamia nut poisoning will appear within 12 hours of them being consumed. They include weakness in the hind limbs, stiffness, vomiting and the loss of coordination.

If you are worried about your pet after they eat human food, then it is best to seek care from a nearby veterinary hospital. This is the only way to know for sure if your pet needs treatment.

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