Keywords that Work: Important Strategies when Performing Search Engine Optimization

Keywords that Work: Important Strategies when Performing Search Engine Optimization

You have certainly heard about the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO. It makes sure that your website is more likely to be ranked higher on search engines, which generates a greater amount of organic traffic. No one goes to the second page after searching the internet, so SEO helps ensure your potential clients see you. The first step in SEO is generating a list of keywords and phrases that you think your clients would use to search for you. After you have that list, you will want to focus your energy on a few of these keywords.

Keyword Selection

This first part is a brain dump; you want to think of all the ways a client may try to find you. Word order matters, so you can end up with a very exhaustive list relatively quickly. You will also want to include a number of locations that are close to you. If you provide services to several different counties, your keywords and phrases are going to include those locations. This means, if you serve ice cream in five counties, you would have five key phrases just on ice cream. As you see, this leads to a very long list of keywords and phrases, and to do SEO on all of them is not practical.

Keyword and Phrases: Prioritization

This part takes some analysis, and SEO solutions in Madison may be helpful. In this stage, you are going to decide what keywords and phrases you want to focus your attention on. When you go to a search engine, like Google, and search up your keywords, what kind of results do you get? More than likely, your competitors have already attempted to SEO their system to those keywords. When a number of companies have already performed SEO, it may not be worthwhile to try to compete with that exact phrase. However, with your long list that you generated in the first step, this should not be an issue. Using this criteria, you can pick out what to focus on, and what is going to waste your time.

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