How to Select Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows in Des Moines

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Roofing

If you have old and inefficient windows in your home, it is probably time you considered replacing them with cost effective ones to improve your home’s energy efficiency. New energy efficient replacement windows in Des Moines ultimately pay for themselves via lower cooling and heating costs, and even the cost of lighting in some instances.

Properly picked and installed energy efficient windows will help minimize your home’s heating, lighting and cooling costs. In order to improve the performance of your windows, you have to take care during the design, selection and installation phases as discussed below.

The Design Phase

Before you can choose your new windows, it is crucial you determine the best types available on the market for your home and those that will help improve energy efficiency in your house. It is best to consult with a professional window installer about performance ratings on windows in order to be in a better position to select windows with performance ratings suitable for your home’s design and climate.

The Selection Phase

While selecting what windows will work best for your home, you will find various options that you should consider. To help you narrow down the selection process, use energy performance ratings as they relate to your area’s climate.

You need to take into consideration how the windows operate. While some offer lower air leakage rates, others do not. Some of the conventional windows operating models are:

1. Fixed
2. Awning
3. Sliding
4. Hopper
5. Casement
6. Double hung

The Installation

Even energy efficient windows require proper installation to ensure energy efficiency is achieved. It is, therefore, crucial to have a professional do the replacement window installation for you. Installation of the window will depend on various factors like:

1. Type of window you selected
2. Construction of your home
3. Exterior cladding
4. The type of weather restrictive barrier you have installed

Your installer should follow the window manufacturer’s specifications and ensure the windows are correctly air sealed upon installation for maximal performance. Caulk is used on the frame to air seal your window.

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