An Estate Planning Lawyer in Jenison MI can Assist you When Problems Arise

A dispute can arise at any time during the planning or execution of an estate. The best estate plans are detailed and well thought out; while it’s impossible to anticipate every scenario, a good estate plan can be adapted as necessary. Even if you have a solid estate plan in place, legal disputes are still possible. Common issues in estate planning include:

* Property distribution disputes

* Disagreements involving benefits and inheritances

* Conflicts with administrators and executors

* Issues concerning disability and sudden incapacitation

Most plans are implemented according to the decedent’s will. However, an estate plan can also involve management that takes place before a person’s death.

Legal Remedies for Estate Planning Problems

The solution to a legal issue involving estate planning depends on the nature of the dispute, and upon the involved parties. Some common legal remedies are:

* Removal of an executor -; The person in charge of the administration of the estate is relieved of their duties, and a replacement executor is found

* Damages: Some cases involve monetary compensation, especially where a party has suffered economic loss due to estate mismanagement

* Redistribution of assets: In some cases, property is given to the wrong person, and to rectify the situation, a court may order that the assets be redistributed according to the terms of the deceased person’ s will

Some estate disputes can be resolved through informal negotiations, which can bring a quick end to the conflict. However, complex or contentious disputes and business matters may require legal intervention. If you are involved in a dispute over a family member’s estate, you should consult an estate planning lawyer in Jenison MI immediately.

I Need Help Planning my Estate. Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Estate planning is an integral part of the effective management of your assets and property. To avoid future conflicts, you may want to hire a lawyer for legal advice. An Estate Planning Lawyer in Jenison MI can help you set things up in a way that minimizes disputes and misunderstandings, and your lawyer can represent you in court in the event that a lawsuit must be filed.

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