Hiring A Landscaper to Provide Weed Control in Spokane

Hiring A Landscaper to Provide Weed Control in Spokane

When a homeowner discovers they have a yard full of dandelions, they will most likely want to take the necessary steps in administering effective Weed Control in Spokane to remove them. Dandelions tend to spread quickly, leading to harm to a lawn. Here are some tips one can use to keep these pesky weeds at bay.

Keep The Lawn At A Desirable Length

Many people think that mowing a lawn short will aid in the removal of dandelions. While, initially, it will appear the weeds are gone, they will grow back quickly. Since dandelions grow well in sunny areas, it is best to keep the blades of grass a bit higher so they shade any dandelions in the area. This will make it harder for them to thrive. The lawn will need to be cut more frequently as a result, but dandelion numbers will also diminish.

Use Natural Methods To Kill Weeds

When a homeowner does not wish to use a chemical agent to kill weeds in their lawn, they will need to consider natural methods instead. Dandelions can be pulled out by hand. It is important that the entire root is removed for this to work effectively. Special weed pulling tools will aid with this process. Pouring boiling water over dandelions will kill them on contact. Placing a tarp over areas where there are several of these weeds will also help to kill them. This will shade the area, making it harder for them to grow. This process can be done for a day or two without adverse reactions to the lawn itself.

Call A Professional For Help

Calling a landscaping service to rescue the lawn from a dandelion problem is a great way to remove the weeds quickly. They would have the right agents available to kill the weeds without causing damage to the rest of the lawn or other plants in the area. They will also help in keeping the lawn at a desirable length.

Finding the right company to help with Weed Control in Spokane is necessary. Call Spokane Pro Care today to find out more about the services they offer or to get an estimate if needed.

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