How to Recognize an Exceptional Nursery School in Lynbrook, NY

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Business

New York parents are lucky enough to have hundreds of pre-school facilities close at hand. However, not all offer the same services or have the same vision. Since most parents want childcare that helps mold well-rounded kids, they often search for schools that offer a range of benefits. Fortunately, a Nursery School in Lynbrook NY, like Kids Campus Childhood Learning Center makes the choice easy. They are staffed by caring professionals and committed to the social, emotional, physical, and academic development of kids from infancy through pre-K.

Infants and Toddlers Get a Good Start

The tiniest clients at an excellent Nursery School in Lynbrook NY, are rocked, nourished, and cuddled during their stays. Experienced teachers help them develop by offering sensory input. These very young children are able to develop physical skills, age-appropriate learning, and a sense of security. They may even be taught sign language. Slightly older toddlers learn in classrooms that foster their budding independence while teaching them to interact with other children. Teachers model positive behavior, and tiny students begin to develop thinking skills.

Pre-School Students Socialize and Learn

Three and four-year-olds at a quality Nursery School in Lynbrook NY, enjoy structured and unplanned activities. They get involved in discussions and spend time in learning centers that feed their imaginations. Teachers set goals that help kids learn independent play and ask for assistance. New skills also include learning their names, staying on task, and repeating simple rhymes. Children learn to run, skip and jump, use scissors, and hold crayons and paint brushes.

Pre-K Kids Get Ready for Elementary School

Youngsters who miss deadlines for kindergarten but have moved beyond pre-school can learn and be challenged in pre-K classes at a Nursery School in Lynbrook NY. They develop communication skills and focus on cooperative play. Children learn to write their names and begin to read. They also begin early math and are introduced to concepts like time, money and weather.

The best nursery schools do much more than babysit children. They are carefully designed and staffed facilities committed to encouraging every area of child development. Professionals lovingly nurture and teach children ranging in age from infancy to pre-kindergarten and help them reach development milestones.

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