Case IH Dealers Play an Important Role in the Nation’s Agricultural Sector

Case IH Dealers Play an Important Role in the Nation’s Agricultural Sector

For many years, the International Harvester name stood for the best in farm equipment. Seeing the world’s agricultural operations through the impressive advancements of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, International Harvester became the gold standard for reliability, capability, and overall value. In 1984, the parent company of the equally well-regarded Case corporation saw and seized a valuable opportunity, buying up International Harvester and merging it with the operations of the former.

Over the last three decades, the combined company has built in impressive ways on the reputations of its predecessors. Case IH Dealers today are among the most trusted sources of equipment not just for agriculture specialists, but also for those in a wide range of related industries.

Companies like us, therefore, play an important role in the economy of the United States and in many other countries around the world. Providing easy, affordable access to equipment that greatly improves the efficiency levels of customers in many different industries, they contribute in incalculable ways.

That has remained true even while ownership of the Case IH brand has changed hands in the meantime. Today, the company is owned by a conglomerate based in Italy, but this shift to foreign soil has not made it any less important as a partner for American agriculturalists.
In fact, Case IH Dealers throughout the country are busier and in more demand than ever. With highly trained salesman who are equipped to identify the needs of customers, along with the best ways of accounting for them, dealers of this sort help countless farms and related operations rise to new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Even having established such a strong, reliable brand, Case IH has not contented itself with standing still, either. It has been as eager and able as an adopter of digital technology as any company in the industry, thereby multiplying the basic value of its products in truly compelling ways.

It has also consistently sought out creative new ways of expanding access to its whole product range, whether through innovative financing options or leasing agreements and the like. Although things have changed quite a bit since the International Harvester days of yore, today’s Case IH remains every bit as estimable.

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