How To Compare VPS Hosting Plans

How To Compare VPS Hosting Plans

A virtual private server or VPS offers a business the lower cost of a virtual server over an actual dedicated physical server as well as the freedom to configure and use the system to meet the business’s specific needs. In other words, it often offers the best of both a shared environment (where costs are low) and the ability to have root access, security and dedicated resources that are not possible without a VPS.

When comparing different VPS hosting plans, there are a few things to keep in mind. All VPS are hosted on a physical server. Each VPS is a unique entity on the server and has an allocation of the resources that are exclusively for their use. This means that bandwidth, memory, the processor, and disk space are all sectioned to each VPS rather than a shared resource type of arrangement.

Price and features are obvious comparisons to make between plans, but the use of a managed or unmanaged plan is a central consideration.

Managed or Unmanaged

All VPS hosting plans will be advertised as managed or unmanaged. A managed VPS plan will provide you with oversight as to the condition of the server. This includes monitoring the server performance, handling updates, ensuring security is up to date and other similar tasks of server management. The level of management or the number of tasks completed with a managed account will vary, so be sure to check.

The unmanaged hosting plans are the opposite of this. The business will be responsible for taking care of all the performance monitoring and basic management tasks required to keep the server operating at peak efficiency. This is often a good choice if a business has an in-house IT team or some with experience in server management.

Managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans should be available for both Windows and Linux environments. Knowing the VPS environment, you require to run your site will determine which option is required.

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