New Standards For Reliable Web Hosting

New Standards For Reliable Web Hosting

In the not too distant past, there was a lot of difference between web hosting services when it came to uptime for websites on their servers. In fact, consumers in the early 1990s were encouraged to check any hosting companies uptime percentage, which would never be close to today’s uptime guarantees of 99.999% or even 100% on some hosting sites.

The reason that reliable web hosting can now feature 100% uptime guarantee is due to cloud technology. With the redundancies built into the system, software problems that could shut down entire servers for hours or even days are now no longer an issue.

However, there are still differences between companies when it comes to reliable web hosting. The more important it is to have 100% uptime for your website, the more important it is to understand how some companies offer an above average level of reliability.

Server and System Monitoring

Companies offering the most reliable web hosting are proactive in their server and system management. They not only continually run checks and diagnostics on the system, but they do it proactively.

Early detection of both software and hardware issues combined with 24/7 technicians on-site with the servers, prevents any issues with downtime.

Customer Service and Support

The best hosting companies also provide exceptional customer service with all managed web hosting services, ensuring if there are any problems there is live technical support available 24/7 every day of the year. This is critical for any business as having a technical problem and having to wait hours or days to get it resolved can be a costly delay.

Other signs of a reliable web host to work with include top ratings and customer feedback. Check both the web hosting company website as well as independent sites to find out what other users have experienced. The top companies have overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers running all types of websites and web applications.

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