6 Things to Know Before You Visit an Invisalign Dentist

Getting perfectly straight teeth doesn’t always mean going back to wearing braces or going for surgery. You can consult with an invisalign dentist to find out if you’re a candidate for custom-made aligners instead. Before you go in for one, though, here are a few reminders you’ll want to keep in mind:

You’ll have a bit of discomfort

Getting used to the plastic tray of aligners can take time. Some feel a bit of discomfort or pain for the next few days when they wear a new tray. Some feel it’s a bit of a tight fit when they switch to a new one.

You might lisp

It can take you awhile to adjust to the feeling of having these aligners in your mouth and this could lead to temporary speech issues.

You’ll need to wear it for 22 hours

The recommended wear time for these aligners is 22 hours. That leaves a window of only 2 hours which you’ll need to distribute accordingly. That means planning your day ahead and living by the clock, says People.

You might lose weight

Because people might find it a bit challenging to wear during the first few days, you could end up losing eating less to aggravate the condition. Some simply don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of having to clean up their aligners after they eat, prompting them to simply skip the snacks instead.

You’ll carry a toothbrush everywhere

You’ll need to regularly clean your aligners. That’s because food particles as well as plaque are going to find their way into the trays. To prevent this, you might want to give the tray a thorough cleaning every morning.

You’ll need to stick to cold water

Hot tea or chocolate can warp and stain your aligners while alcoholic drinks lead to plaque buildup in your aligners. Cold water works best. To know more, ask your invisalign dentist.

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