General Dentist in Wood Dale-What Do They Do?

General Dentist in Wood Dale-What Do They Do?

Understanding what a general dentist is Wood Dale does can help you to make the right choice for you and your family when it comes to getting good oral health care. Many general dentists provide other services as well as general dentistry services. A general dentist in Wood Dale can also be your cosmetic dentist and offer specialty services.

The Root of Dental Care

A general dentist is the backbone to good oral health. They provide a litany of services that are geared toward getting your mouth in great shape. Some of the services that a general dentist offers include:

   *   Preventive care
   *   Cavity repair
   *   Root canals
   *   Cleanings (done by the hygienist)
   *   Extractions
   *   Full oral exams (cancer screening)
   *   Other services

The general dentist is the dentist you see to manage your oral health. A lot of the services are focused on prevention which is the best tool in warding off disease of the mouth. They will provide you with the dental services that you need to maintain your natural teeth. The general dentist is the primary care giver much like your medical primary care giver. They oversee all of your dental care and will refer you out (if necessary) to see orthodontist, periodontists and others to get specialty care. They are the center of all your dental care.

Other Areas of Practice

As mentioned early, a general dentist can also be your cosmetic dentist. Many dentist go on to get additional training that helps them to provide specialty services to their patients. The goal of a good dentist should be to mee their patient needs by continuously evolving through education as providers. Brian Homann DDS of Elk Grove Village offers the type of services that meet patient needs. Make an appointment today to get the top in dental care.

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