When Home Care is Better for Younger Patients

When Home Care is Better for Younger Patients

People in the prime of their lives think that, for the most part, home medical equipment is for the elderly. In the prime of your life, why would you need to have a hospital bed at home? Illness and accidents can provide unwelcome answers, as a number of younger and middle-aged people find out. Whether it’s a dad separating an Achilles tendon in a father vs. son drive to the net, or an illness that confines a previously active teen to bed, there are a number of issues to be sorted out that may not have been previously considered. While an aging population of Boomers is driving the durable medical equipment sector, a number of younger people are finding that home care is a better option for their needs.

Oh, No! How Do I Go?

Keep your leg raised above the level of your heart.”

This is the basic instruction to anyone with an Achilles tendon issue or any other type of leg injuries such as a fracture or sprain. It’s intended to keep the swelling down, improve circulation, and reduce the chances of thrombosis. A lot of people think that it’s easy to do.

That is, until they are injured.

Ask anyone who has had an iliotibial band rupture comorbid with a knee injury how to “use the facilities” when the act of sitting down is painful and standing up is hazardous. This is where durable medical goods come in and make a recovery more comfortable and less risky in the home. Hospital beds, sanitary goods such as urinals and commode chairs, and even patient lifts and hoists make home recovery better, more sanitary, and more comfortable than a hospital stay.

Bring Them Home

Working with a local pharmacy can supply you with all the home medical equipment needed to care for your loved one at home. The expense is often covered wholly or in part by insurance, MediCare, or MedicAid. With the addition of a visiting nurse or nurse practitioner, the patient can recover and rest in their familiar surroundings.

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