The Supply Process of Ordering Kerosene in Stroudsburg, PA

The Supply Process of Ordering Kerosene in Stroudsburg, PA

Crude oil is broken down into many different constituents that are used in different industries. One of the byproducts of crude oil processing, known as kerosene, is commonly used as a heating oil throughout the country. Many people who do not have natural gas heaters prefer to use heating oil. However, the oil you get at home goes through a long and complicated supply chain before it can be delivered. The supply process of ordering the heating oil is described in the following paragraphs.

Where Does the Oil Come from?

The domestic heating oil used by most companies is usually obtained from one of two major sources: imports from other countries or purchase from domestic refineries. Distillate products made by local oil refineries are transported by pipelines, trucks, barges, and trains. The product is packed in barrels and safely covered before delivery. The inventories of kerosene in Stroudsburg, PA for the winter months are usually built up during the summer and are stocked by the companies.


In most cases, the imports supplement the domestic oil production within the country. The prices tend to differ due to fluctuation in the international markets. Most refineries and heating oil distributors tend to transport the kerosene to specially designed storage terminals, from where it is transported to customers via large trucks. It is often trucked to local distributors or delivered straight to consumers in packaged bottles or containers. Companies have to take strict measures in making sure the equipment is delivered in safe and sound conditions. Before placing an order, you should always check the rates on the company’s website. If you are thinking of ordering heating oil for your home, you can contact W. S. Peeney.

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