Helpful Tips for Selecting Exterior House Siding Edmond

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Roofing

When it comes to choosing the Exterior House Siding Edmond for your home, you have quite a few decisions to make. The siding material that you choose is not only going to protect your home, but the style and color are going to define the resale value, character and aesthetics is offers. The days where wood and aluminum were the only options for Exterior House Siding Edmond are long gone. Today, there are a number of different finishes, which include stucco, metal, fiber cement, wood, brick, stone and vinyl. Some tips for making your decision are highlighted here.

The lifespan, energy efficiency, durability and climate are the various factors that need to be considered when choosing your Exterior House Siding Edmond.

Vinyl Siding

Versatility and great performance are all offered by vinyl siding. This type of siding can withstand wind and hail and it is also resistant to insects, water, warping and fading. There are hundreds of differing colors, textures and styles to choose from and it is a low maintenance option.

Stone Siding

This type of siding has the highest level of longevity and durability. It requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to rot, fire and insects. If you want a lighter weight option than natural stone, you can opt for fabricated stone or stone veneers.

Brick Siding

This type of siding offers the biggest options in size, color and texture. It is also extremely durable, resistant to dry rot, fading and fire. It will provide your home with a good level of thermal and of sound insulation. It also has a longer life span than some of the other siding options that are available.

Wood Siding

There are a number of different types of wood siding, such as shakes, shingles, split logs, lap and more. You can also have them applied either horizontally or vertically.

When it comes to selecting a siding option for your home, you should carefully consider the options that are available. For more information or help with this selection, contact J&M Roofing Company Edmond. They will help you with this very important decision regarding your home. Visit for more details.



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