Great Things To Know About Eyelash Extensions In Philadelphia

Before venturing into the world of eyelash extension in Philadelphia, people need to learn some things about extensions. They should know the more common types of extensions that are being used by people. For the most part, there are usually three kinds of extensions that people can choose from. The different types of extensions all have their own pros and cons. Choosing from mink, synthetic, or silk extensions can also be a process of elimination. People have tried all three types and then chosen the ones that they liked the best.

People who are new to Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia often wonder how long it takes for extensions to be applied. In order to apply extension correctly, a stylist might take a couple hours. Once the extensions are applied, they can be easily maintained with stylist appointments ever 30 days or so. Those who don’t get full sets of extensions applied don’t have to worry about the initial application taken a couple hours. Some individuals choose half sets because they don’t cost as much money as full sets, and half sets can still dramatically improve the look of a person’s eyelashes.

After extensions are applied, it’s important for people to know how to care for them. Water usually has to be kept away from the extensions for at least 12 hours. In some cases, extensions can’t have contact with water for an entire day. The reason water has to be avoided is because it can cause problems with the glue that is used to secure the extensions. If the glue is not allowed to properly dry, the extensions will fall off. If people have to use glue that is made for individuals with sensitive skin, they will have to avoid certain makeup products.

Regardless of the type of glue that is used, individuals with extensions shouldn’t use any mascara that is rated as being a water-proof product. Such mascara is extremely difficult to take off, which can cause extensions to come off. People who are getting extensions shouldn’t hesitate to ask their stylists questions about the procedure and the extensions being used. Some stylists will have pictures of people they have worked on. This helps potential customers judge the quality of their work.

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