Getting Ready for a Water Heater Repair in Memphis

Things can get messy when the water heater stops working. In the best case scenario, the tank must be drained before anything can be done. With more severe issues, the tank has sprung a leak and flooded the area where the heater is located. While the professional is on the way to take care of the water heater repair in Memphis, the homeowner can spend a little time getting things ready.

Shut off the Water Supply

If there is a cut off valve located near the water heater, shut off the water supply to the heater immediately. Doing so will stop the flow of water out of the damaged tank. Even if the tank is not the problem, shutting off the water will make it easier to drain the tank before the technician begins to work on the unit.

Mop it Up

If water is everywhere, it has to cleaned up before the professional can begin working on the heater itself. Get out the mop and a bucket, and try to get up as much water as possible. If there is not a mop handy, towels will do the job nicely.

Clear a Path Around the Heater

The technician needs room to work. Even if the heater is in an enclosed area, do what can be done to prepare the work area. This means moving things away from the immediate area that could get in the way. Put down a drop cloth near the heater so that the professional has a place to spread out his or her tools.

The Pets Get to Spend Time Behind Closed Doors

For homeowners who have pets, the best move is to keep them far away from the area where the water heater is located. Put some toys, something to drink, and a few snacks in the spare bedroom. Call the pets to the room and then close the door once they are inside. While they may object at first, the pets will calm down, spot the treats, and decide to make the best of the situation. In the interim, the professional can focus on taking care of the water heater repair in Memphis without being the subject of scrutiny by the family dog.

When the water heater is not working properly, call the experts at Drain Go Plumbing at once. The problem will be resolved quickly, and life around the house can get back to normal.

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