Signs That Your Air Conditioning Ducts Need Cleaning

With the home summer months in full swing, homeowners are starting to pay more and more attention to their air conditioning system. In order to make sure that your air conditioning is running at peak performance is by having a professional check out each aspect of it. One of the most important and commonly neglected parts of your air conditioning system is the duct work. The duct work is what carries the air produced by your HVAC unit throughout the house. Over time your duct work will become filled with dust and other allergens that can wreak havoc on the air quality in your home. Here are a few signs that you need AC Duct Cleaning in the Schertz area.

Routine Recommended Cleaning

Most air conditioning professionals recommend that your ducts be cleaned at least once every three to five years to reduce that amount of pollutants in your home’s air supply. If you know that it has been well over the recommended time, then you need to schedule a cleaning immediately. The longer you wait to have it cleaned, the more damage you will do to the air supply in your home.

Rapid Dust Accumulation

Another very noticeable sign that you need to have your ducts cleaned out is a large accumulation of dust on a regular basis. A small amount of dust is normal in any home, but when you start to notice that you have an abnormally high amount of dust shortly after you clean, then your ducts may be the culprit. This dust cannot only compromise the cleanliness of your home; it can also hurt the air quality. As soon as you start to notice this happening, you need to call in a professional to take a look and clean your duct work.

Current Remodeling

Another sign that you need to have your home’s duct system cleaned is a recent remodel job in your home. The dust that is produced from remodeling can circulate in your duct system for years and is not good for your lungs at all. As soon as your remodeling job is done, you need to start thinking about scheduling a duct cleaning. The faster you get that dust out of your ducts, the fewer consequences you will have to deal with. Neglecting to have your ducts cleaned will lead to you and your family having various types of respiratory ailments.

If you find yourself in need of AC Duct Cleaning Schertz, then be sure to contact the team at All Service Air Conditioning and Heating Inc.

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