Getting Help With Dissociative Disorder Treatment

There are many different options to consider with dissociative disorder treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah. The most important aspect is to have a diagnosis of a specific type of dissociative disorder if possible, or at least a general diagnosis that used to be classified as dissociative disorder not otherwise specified.

Dissociative disorders can include dissociative identity disorder (DID), which used to be known as multiple personality disorder; dissociative amnesia where the patient is unaware of what has occurred and has no ability to recall memories; or depersonalization disorder where the individual feels removed from his or herself but is aware that this is not a reality.

Dissociative Disorder Treatment Options in Salt Lake City, Utah

As with most mental health conditions a combination of both medications and therapy is often prescribed as the best course of treatment for dissociative disorder treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Talk therapy or psychotherapy is the most often used therapeutic approach as it allows the therapists and patient to uncover the source of the stress or that causes the dissociation. From this understanding the patient and the doctor can then work to develop and learn new and more effective coping strategies and mechanisms. Art therapy and other types of expression may be used to help the patient to process the trauma that is often at the heart of the mental health issue.

In some cases hospitalization may be required when the patient is in crisis and requires stabilization. In these situations therapy and medications are often started immediately in the hospital setting.


Different medications including anti psychotics, anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants may be prescribed. These are often used both to allow the patient to return to their life and also to prevent the re occurrence of the dissociative event.

Changes in Living

For many children and adults going through dissociative disorder treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah limiting exposure to traumas, causes of anxiety and stressors is very important during the treatment process.

Through counseling and with practice in the therapeutic setting more effective coping mechanisms and skills will be integrated into the individual’s behavior, which will help them in dealing with the stressors without the dissociative disorder crisis occurring.

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