Get the Most Out of Your Life Insurance Policy

When you are faced with the need to seek financial assistance due to life events that threaten your financial security like cancer treatment, there are a few options that include selling your life insurance policy. However, some of those options include getting less than the matured value of your policy. You’ve worked hard to pay into your life insurance policy. Just because you need to use those funds now does not mean that you shouldn’t try to receive all the funds possible in relation to the value of your policy. Choosing life settlement over a program that provides funds for living and giving is an option that does not pay out in relation to your matured value and it does not leave any funds for your beneficiaries. The better financial option is a funds for living and giving, or FLAG for short, program that allows you to obtain a loan.

Keep Your Life Insurance Policy Fully Intact

By choosing to use a funds for living and giving program you will be able to keep your life insurance policy fully intact. You will be getting a loan using your life insurance policy instead. This allows for money to be left behind for your beneficiaries to receive in the future. The beauty of this type of loan is that the funds that you receive from it can be used for anything without any restrictions.

Learn More about a FLAG Program

When you need immediate assistance so you have the financial means to support your family while you’re battling a terminal illness a FLAG program is perfect for you. It comfortably allows you to use your life insurance policy so that you have the money you require for life expenses. All you need to do is schedule a consultation with a friendly and knowledgeable consultant that can inform you about everything you need to know to use a FLAG financial program.

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