Here’s What the Cloud Really Is, And Why it Matters

Here’s What the Cloud Really Is, And Why it Matters

It’s relatively really easy to explain the cloud without any prior reference to how computer networking functions, despite what most would think about the supposed complexity of the cloud.

Don’t let anyone fool you with overcomplicated jargon and vague wording – the purpose, function and capabilities of the cloud are simple in spirit and practice. The cloud describes any service that provides a secure online storage network that can be accessed from any device given the right authentication. Shorter even, it means the ability to store files online through one computer, only to easily access them from another.

To take that functionality further, the cloud even lets remote computers run applications and programs through the cloud, whilst simply giving connected computers an interface through which to access the program and all the resources of the cloud computer, as per Techopedia.

Naturally, all of this has massive potential – which is why a good cloud solutions provider in Dallas should be important to businesses.

What the Cloud Can Do For You
First and for most, a quality Dallas cloud solutions provider entails that their service is secure, encrypted, and designed in a way that not just anyone can have access to it or intercept files as they’re being uploaded onto the cloud.

Secondly, it has to run on machines powerful enough not just to store data and make it available to any connected device through the Internet, but actually do so without taking up that device’s storage, and have the ability to run applications – like hosting programs and effectively entire websites – without much hassle.

In short, the cloud lets you:
*Offer powerful service software on relatively low-power machines.

*Host several websites – including your own – in a safe manner while keeping them all separately safe.

*Store immense amounts of files and programs.

*Allow distant and instant communication and simultaneous file editing.

*And much more.

Cloud computers are essentially servers, or server networks – computers running on software that dedicates them to the storage of data and running of programs through the Internet.

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