Selling Real Estate Liens & Judgments

Selling Real Estate Liens & Judgments

Nobody wants to have to bring their case to court, but in many cases this is the only way to ensure that justice gets done. If you’ve had to file suit against someone and they weren’t able to pay what they owed you outright, then you might get awarded a lien by the court. A judgement lien on real estate basically states that when a person sells their property, a portion of the proceeds have to come back to you in order to settle the debt.

As you might imagine, this can take a very long time to accomplish. People could sit on the property they own for a virtual eternity. In some cases, defendants in cases who had liens levied against them took their real estate off market just to spite a plaintiff who was in the right.

You don’t have time to wait around for your real estate judgments to mature. Fortunately, there are businesses that are.

Selling Judgments to a Third Party

Companies can last much longer than a human lifespan, so they can simply wait around for someone to finally sell a piece of property no matter how long it takes. You can sell your judgement to a firm who will offer you a fair sum for it. Buying judgement solutions are profitable for these firms because they can simply sit on their investments until they’re ready to mature.

Most importantly, they’re helpful to consumers who need money now.

Getting the Money You Need

If you plan to sell your real estate judgments, then you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a reputable firm. Mayflower Judgments has been in the business for years. They’re financially stable, which means they’ll be able to offer you the best market price for any liens you might hold as a result of a court ruling.

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