Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Scrap Copper In Philadelphia

When you sell unwanted scrap metal to a buyer, you can get rid of clutter and make money. Copper is a metal that’s in demand and if you have any copper to sell to a company that buys scrap copper in Philadelphia, you should learn how to get the best price. Below are frequently asked questions about selling copper to a scrap yard.

Q.) What types of items around the house are made of copper?

A.) Some water pipes and roofing materials are made of copper. You’ll also find copper in small and large appliances, computer monitors, and electric motors. Many household and electronic items such as DVD players, cell phones, and television sets contain copper wire. After stripping the wire out of these items, you can sell it to a company that buys scrap copper in Philadelphia.

Q.) Does a buyer pay a different amount of money for the various types of scrap copper?

A.) Yes, if your copper is clean, which means that it is 100 percent copper without any type of coating or paint, you’ll get the highest price for it. Copper tubing with solder joints, roofing copper with tar, and mixed copper pieces are less valuable when you sell them to a company buying scrap copper in Philadelphia.

Q.) Are there any helpful tips to know when selling copper to a scrap metal buyer?

A.) If you have various grades of copper, separate the different types and sell each kind individually. If you have any clean copper, you’ll get a better price for it from the company buying scrap copper in Philadelphia if you sell it separately. If the clean copper is thrown in with various other grades of copper, you’ll get the lower mixed piece price for the entire lot. For this reason, it’s worth the time to sort copper before selling it.

S. D. Richman Sons is an experienced family-owned and operated scrap metal buying company. If you need to sell your copper, stainless steel, brass, iron, or aluminum scrap metal, or if you have any questions, visit their website to learn how you can contact the company.

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