Four Questions to Ask Car Accident Attorneys in Lancaster

No one wants to have to seek the help of an attorney because they have been seriously injured in an accident but this is often necessary for victims to receive a fair settlement. An attorney can represent an injured victim by negotiating an insurance settlement with the insurance company or pursuing the other driver in court. Most auto accident attorneys offer free consultations and it is important victims take advantage of these appointments so they can ask four pertinent questions to ensure they make the right decision in hiring car accident attorneys in Lancaster.

These four questions should always be asked when hiring a car accident attorney:

  • Do I have a viable lawsuit? In a lawsuit scenario, the burden of proof rests solely on the victim. Meeting with an attorney will allow the details of the claim to be carefully scrutinized so the victim will know if they will be able to meet the demands of the burden of proof. If there simply is not enough evidence, the attorney will likely refuse to take on a case because it will be impossible to win.
  • Who should be named as the defendant/s? While this question may seem like it is easy to answer, this is not always the case. In some cases, a person may have more than one defendant to pursue, such as the driver and their employer. An attorney can help a victim understand who their defendants should be and why.
  • How do you charge for services? A victim needs to know how the attorney will be charging them, should they decide to hire the attorney. The vast majority of attorneys offer their services on contingency which means the client does not pay unless they win. Attorneys will typically charge around 30% of the awarded amount.
  • What fees will I be responsible for? Even if an attorney agrees to work on contingency, there may be court fees that are the responsibility of the client. A victim needs to know if there will be any fees they will be responsible for, even if they end up losing their case.

Asking these questions can help to ensure one fully understands their responsibilities and what they can expect from hiring car accident attorneys in Lancaster. If you are in need of an attorney, contact Handler Henning & Rosenberg LLP.

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