Fire Extinguisher Training: Improving Your Organization’s Response to Fire Emergencies

Fire Extinguisher Training: Improving Your Organization’s Response to Fire Emergencies

Fire extinguishers are one of the most popular firefighting products out there. It’s a common sight in offices across the country. However, if these are installed and used in the wrong way, then they could end up being of no use or little help to anyone at all. That’s why basic training for employees matters.

Benefits of training

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration or OHSA requires all businesses to train their employees in the use of this firefighting tool. By learning how to operate one, your employees can put that knowledge and skill to good use if a fire breaks out at work. Because knowledge makes a difference, this training should help your employees take the situation in hand with confidence than panic and fear. It’s easy to keep a clear head in a crisis if you know what steps you need to take to fix the problem, if you know what you need to do in order to put a stop to the fire. That’s what you get from enrolling into a training program for fire extinguisher use in Iowa.

Finding a program

A successful training program should include classroom as well as hands-on techniques. The basics should be covered as well, giving your employees a thorough background on theory before they get to practice and handle an extinguisher. Some programs also teach employees how to recognize different types of extinguishers, look and assess the situation of a fire—how far gone it is—and know all about fire emergency standards and protocols to follow.

A Tip

Portable fire extinguishers are designed to address incipient fires. These are small enough. It won’t work on fires that are too large so keep that in mind. Follow the building’s evacuation route instead.

So if you want to protect your team and property, make sure they know how to use extinguishers to help quell potential fire damage in the future.

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